How You Can Change the Future Part 1

Every society has its “norms” by which I mean the conventions we follow, the beliefs we hold. Many are untouchable, often without question, because by following them life is easier all round, for everybody else and for us.

We entrust our kids to priests, scout masters, family, teachers and so on for their training and enrichment; we deposit our money in banks so they will look after it and us when we need a loan, we live near industrial plants trusting they will not pollute the air we breathe, the rivers we use or the ground we play on. In short we trust the accepted conventions, some call it the “Rule of Common Sense”.


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120,000 year old bug discovered – Is it safe?

A bug that has lain dormant for over 120,000 years has been revived by Dr Jennifer Loveland-Curtze and a team of scientists from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Pennsylvania State University.

The Story in Brief

Scientists who want to go bug hunting in space practice by searching out dormant bacteria on earth and reviving them for research.

bacteriaThe latest bug, a tiny brown-purple microbe was discovered when a Gram-negative 1 ultramicrobacterium was isolated from a 120,000-year-old Greenland glacier ice core recovered from a depth of 3,042 metres (3.042 kilometres).

Dubbed Herminiimonas glaciei, the pigmentation of the original colony was brown-purple but after recultivation the colonies were translucent white to tan coloured. It took almost 12 months for the team to revive the microbe (designated strain UMB49T) by gently warming it in an incubator at 2%C for seven months and then at 5%C for a further four and a half months .

The H. glaciei microbe is tiny – ten to 50 times smaller than E. coli (which is also Gram-negative 1). Experts say its small size probably helped it to survive in the liquid veins among the ice crystals.

Dr Loveland-Curtze says that other microorganisms could exist on other worlds and studying Microbes found in extreme conditions on Earth may provide insight into what sorts of life forms could survive elsewhere in the solar system.

More details are available at the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology and it was reported in the Scientific American in June 2009.


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  1. Don't we all have enough to worry about between the Econmic climit and Swine Flu!!

  2. Kate says:

    Although recovering microbes, viruses or bacteria found in the extreme conditions on the earth may give human kind a valuable insight into what other life forms could survive in the solar system. It is important to remember the possible dangers that come with making these recoveries. As the article stated recovering these microbes, viruses or bacteria may pose potential threats to human life. In light of this I believe that if this type of research is to continue it should be done in secure research labs away from human populations – consequently the moon may be the answer.

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Did You Know?

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How You Can Change the Future Part 2

In this follow up to Part 1 of the article “How You Can Change the Future” I would like to provide a simple example to illustrate how applying the Socratic Method to reviewing an issue can help break it down to its essential components, isolate the potential problem areas and then help uncover the best options for dealing with it.

One of the examples described in part 1 of this article was of living near an industrial plant or on the site of an old industrial plant that may have been polluted but has been “cleaned up” and sold to home owners. Here are some questions one might ask;


  • Do you accept that the site or nearby industrial plant is safe because the plant owner / property developer, State or local government declare it to be safe?
  • If the community accepts these assurances should you question it?
  • Do you take it upon yourself to check this fact regularly?
  • How do you go about checking it?
  • more…

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  1. Sally says:

    Although not everyone faces these types of issues in their suburb, this article highlights the importance of researching the area when purchasing a property. When buying a property It is common protocol to thoroughly investigate the house through building inspections, however many people over look the need to thoroughly investigate the suburb. An important factor as location has a large impact on the value of a property, so remember to research the suburb as a property's value can rapidly decline if pollution or other undesirables are found near by.

  2. Anne says:

    It is important not to underestimate the power of the community, we as a society do not always have relay on other organizations (such as the government) to solve community problems. As a community themselves can often effectively tackle a community problems if residents work together.

    My aunt lives in a small town in America which a few years ago had a major blackout. Their family was not prepared, they could not leave the town as they did not own a 4WD and ran very low on supplies. After the 5 day blackout the residents realised they had all experienced similar problems and consequently formed a community action plan for future black outs. A year when they experienced this situation again the town worked together checking in on the elderly, sharing supplies, using the available 4WD's to carpool people to and from the town and having regular update meetings with residents throughout this time. For her town black outs and being snowed in are now problems which the community has tackled together, forming plans to ensure all residents are OK during these times.

  3. […] part 2 of this article I will look at an example of applying the Socratic Method to addressing the issue of possible environmental pollution and how the community co…. Share This Hide Sites $$(‘div.d81’).each( function(e) { […]

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